Data-14 Backup

This project aims to provide an open-source cross-platform CDP (Continuous Data Protection) solution for both server and desktop environments.

The software is still in development and the documentation is still far from being complete, but I'm working on it. If you are just curious, you can see a three-minute demo screencast of a preliminary version (October 2007).

If you know what you are doing, you can access the download section. There is a ready-to-use Virtual Machine installed with the software, or you can download the sources and build the software yourself.


08/11/2008 - v0.0.2 - Windows sources and CDP project death

I switched from a CDP to a Near-CDP solution on May 2008. I am doing a complete rewrite (architecture and code), but it is likely this new version will never be released. The published sources are not maintained anymore, but I added the old Windows version to the subversion repository.

03/14/2008 - v0.0.1 - First public version

The first Linux pre-alpha version is available for download. I need to take a short break from the project, so I decided to release the source code even if it is still not in alpha stage. The best way to test it is to use the provided Virtual Machine disk, but you can compile the source code if you prefer. You can find them both in the download area.