Project History

In autumn 2006, I (Paolo Ambrosio) and a friend (Dino Pessotto) started the Data-14 Project. We received a grant from Techno Seed, a business incubator in Udine (Italy), to develop a business idea. During the first couple of months, I started doing some technical research on file system filtering on Windows, Linux and some other operating systems. I liked the Windows Filter Manager approach, and was quite disappointed by the stackable filesystems on Unix platforms, so I decided to start with the Windows filter. Soon I realized that not having direct access to the kernel code and data structures was going to be a real pain. Windows file system filter programming is based on "observed facts" and it is very hard, and sometimes impossibile, to implement some features. Later, I started the Linux development, and thanks to RedirFS it was much simpler than developing a full stackable file system. In about one and a half months we had a very basic demo screencast available. There were some architectural issues, so I decided to redesign the filter as it is now.

While I was writing software, Dino had to write a business plan and search for investors. In december 2007, after more than one year from the project start, no investors were found, so Dino abandoned the project and I decided to release the source code as free software.


Paolo Ambrosio

Project founder and developer.

Email: blues (at)